出張Bruce@銀座in Apr. setlist

出張Bruce@銀座in Apr. just break up in concecutive holidays.

1,Juice / Lizzo(fuse)
2.Despues de la Playa / Bad Bunny(くどう)
3.Working for the weekend / Loverboy(でぺ)
4.Get up, get down / Philip Philips(Fujii)
5.Wet Dream / Wet Leg(ねこ&くどう)
6.Inside of you / Ray Goodman & Brown(yutaka)
7.Physical / Dua Lipa(Yuki)
8.I want you / Savage garden(ちゃあぞう)
9.Ain't got the blues / Blackberry smoke(matsuda)
10.I'm so glad I'm standing here today / Crusaders+Joe cocker(高橋)
11.More than this / Roxy Music(Akai)
12.You'll be in my heart / Phil Collins(Alex)
13.One way or another / Blondie(あゆあゆ)
14.Gangsters / The specials(いしいちやん)
15.Don't cry /Asia(tanto)
16.Friday I'm in love / Cure(Napon)
17.One vision / Queen(K2)
18.Separate ways / Journey(アンヘラ)
19.Heart of mine / Bobby Caldwell(manon)
20.All together now /The Farm(どいどい) 
21.Blood sandwich / Aesop Rock(P)
22.Fool on the hill / Sergio mendes & Brazil 66(ヨーコ)    おー名曲!
23.When will I see you / Three degrees(fuse) え?
24.Until you come back to me / Aretha Franklin(くどう ft. K2)
25.Let me love you / DJ Snake(でぺ)
26.Ain't no stoppin’ us now / Luther Vandross(fujii)
27.Good time / Owl city & Carly Rae Jepsen(ねこ & でぺ)
28.Something is wrong with my baby / Daryl Hall & John Oates(yutaka)
29.I don't care / Ed Sheeran ft.Justin Bieber(Yuki)
30.On and on and on / ABBA(ちゃあぞう)
31. Grandpa (Tell Me 'Bout The Good Old Days) / Dave Fenley(matsuda)
32.Promised land / Elvis Presley(高橋)
33.Let it be me / Jerry Butler & Betty Everett(Akai ft.ねこシンガー)
34.Two less lonely people / Air Supply(Alex)
35.Since yesterday / Strawberry Switchblade(あゆあゆ)
36.Embarrasment /Madness(いしいちやん)
37.Photograph / Def Leppard(tanto)
38.Karma Chameleon / Culture Club(Napon)
39.That's what it's all about / Jigsaw(K2)
40.P.S.I love you / Bette Midler(アンヘラ)
41.Nonsense / Sabrina Carpenter (manon)
42. China In Your Hand / T'Pau(どいどい)
43.Blues hand me down / Vintage Trouble(P)
44. Comme d'habitude / Claude Antoine Marie François(ヨーコ)and now〜the end is near〜
45.You've got a friend / Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway(fuse)
46.The long and winding road / Gareth Gates(fujii)
46.He's a rebel / The crystals(あゆあゆ)
47. The Great Commandment / Camouflage(どいどい)
48.Hip hip hooray / Naughty by nature     (くどう)
49.Why can't this be love / Van Halen(でぺ)
50.Heaven / Niall Horan(ねこシンガー & いしいちやん)
51.This old world is too funky for me / Crusaders ft. Joe Cocker(yutaka)









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